Frequently Asked Questions

Can you deliver out of State?

Yes, we can. We are registered in several States so we can haul material on our own trucks. For those States that we are not registered in, we can arrange for a Contract Hauler.

Can you slope the ends of the pipe?

Yes, we can taper the ends based on your specific needs.

Do I have to buy the full joint of pipe? Or can you cut it to my specifications?

In almost every case, we can cut the material to length for you. We can also fabricate to length.

Is there a charge for cutting the material?

Sometimes. It depends on the particular scenario.

How much does the pipe weigh?

We have both a weight calculator and a printable weight chart on our website. Please see the 'Resources' link.

How much pipe can you haul on a semi truck load?

Footage depends on the size (outside diameter) and the wall thickness of the pipe. We can haul approximately 45,000 pounds of material per load.

What does FBE stand for?

Fusion Bond Epoxy. This is a type of protective coating on the outside of the pipe. It comes in various colors and is similar to the Teflon in a non-stick skillet.