Meet The Team

  • Frank Black employee Lynne stands for a photo.

    Lynne Underwood

    “One of the best things about the pipe business is that I still learn something new every day…even after 38 years at Blacks.”
    General Manager
  • Frank Black employee Jesse E stands for a photo.

    Jesse Edmonson

    “Work hard and play hard. The best life is a balance of both, so make time for fun in your pursuit of success.”
    Sales Manager
  • Frank Black employee Dustin stands for a photo.

    Dustin Underwood

    “All my life I thought air was free until I bought a bag of chips.”
    Sales & Special Projects Lead
  • Frank Black employee Ben stands for a photo.

    Ben Hornbeck

    “Today was good, today was fun. Tomorrow is another one.”
    Sales Support & Marketing